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B2B Marketing: LinkedIn Vs Facebook Ads [2021 Edition] featured image

05 Οκτωβρίου 2022

B2B Marketing: LinkedIn Vs Facebook Ads [2021 Edition]

It's time to start your B2B Marketing Campaign on Social Media, and you are in the middle of the decision for the platform that will work better for your goal: LinkedIn or Facebook?

Moreover, it's vital to keep in mind the advertising costs of each one of these two platforms. Especially for hardcore B2B marketers, it is an opportunity to explore a channel typically used by their B2C counterparts.

Which Is the Cheapest for B2B Marketing: Facebook or LinkedIn?

You'll pay less per impression or click in case you decide to go with Facebook - according to Adstage, the average CPC for Facebook in 2021 was $0.97. On the contrary, LinkedIn resulted in a whopping $6.50. It's essential to bear in mind that these figures are across all industries alongside many other variables. 

However, it is not unexpected.


The Facebook Situation:

The last three years with more people spending more time scrolling will invariably lead to more customers for the same cost level. 

As a result, it may not always be the case, but if you're targeting a similar audience on LinkedIn and Facebook, the latter often results in a lower CPC. 

Is this something strange for you, though, if you are selling a big-ticket item or service? Who cares if it costs you $200 per lead in comparison to $100 if you're landing a $200,000 sale? 

In conclusion, If LinkedIn is so much more expensive, should we still consider it as an option? Can it still be a part of your B2B Marketing strategy? 

It's a statement that cheaper clicks are great, but what if those clicks didn't bring you back conversions?

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Audience Analysis for B2B Marketing

When you want to launch a campaign, and you need to reach a B2B marketing target audience, you have to keep in mind that Facebook provides more options. For example, you can use 97 data points (opportunities) to target your ads instead of tiny data points on LinkedIn ad targeting ways.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn give you complete control to create your basic targeting based on location, gender, age, job title, employer, and industry-based. But, if you want more accuracy in other criteria such as job title, employer, and industry results, then you have to choose LinkedIn.

In addition, LinkedIn B2B Marketing provides you the option to target specific employees (current or past) of particular firms.

Finally, you can select specific industries, companies of a particular size, and many more such as skills, etc.

Case Study for B2B Marketing

Imagine that you would like to target a CMO of a big company based in Greece with over 200 employees to address your products/services.

Facebook Options and LinkedIn Options

In order to have the exact audience you want, you have to target it with a job title of CMO who is working in the Marketing Industry and lives in Greece. In that case, your audience will be tiny, and as a result, the Facebook algorithm will not have the opportunity to run a test and find your ideal audience, not to mention the enormous ad spent.

On the other hand, if we run the same scenario and choose LinkedIn for your promotion, Linkedin Targeting will be straightforward to target CMO of the Marketing Industry with over 100 employees.

Facebook Remarketing Vs Linkedin Remarketing

It's a bold statement that Facebook is by far the winner when it comes to ad technology. Facebook provides various ad types and better optimization ways.

Facebook's algorithm understands that you're interested in Entrepreneurism – if you click on something related to this, it now knows. Remarkably, LinkedIn introduced the ability to match audiences on the platform with data you already hold shortly after the Microsoft acquisition in 2017. 

Linkedin Provides you as well the opportunity to retarget audience but there are some specific rules:

Website Audience

The simplest form of retargeting is to add a piece of code from a particular platform to your site (Google Tag Manager), and in this way, you can deliver ads to your visitors on that platform. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn can segment the traffic by pages they visit or don't visit and show them tailor-made ads. Facebook needs just 20 visitors to kick this off. With LinkedIn, the minimum number is 300. In conclusion, LinkedIn won't be the ideal platform for your website audience if you have low website traffic.

Matched Audiences

You can upload a list of email addresses of your prospects to Facebook or Linkedin. Then, automatically, these platforms will match their users and deliver relevant content. The only concern here is which email address do you have, personal or professional? The reason is that a tiny percent will use their work email as an email for their Facebook profile.

As you understand, if you have a list of personal email addresses, they may be equally useless on LinkedIn. 

Keep this in mind when you want to upload a matched audience for B2B marketing purposes, which email your users will provide you!

B2B Marketing-Account-Based Marketing

Do you have a list of specific companies that you want to target? All you have to do is to upload this list on LinkedIn, create a campaign, and refine it further by using their data points to create a list of decision-makers. Unfortunately, Facebook it's not a good solution for you. Only LinkedIn can offer you what you are searching for.

Lookalike Audiences

Research is a great way to target a similar audience with your customers by using data points such as page fans, interest, website visitors, etc. 

Facebook and Linkedin offer you slight functionalities that scale their algorithms to deliver your campaigns to specific audiences with similar intent for your business like your customers.

Facebook technology is, by far as we mentioned before, better than LinkedIn. Maybe you think Facebook would lead to better results with such a vast database and more data points. However, those results will take place only if you have sufficient data. Based on what we mentioned before regarding matched audiences, in case you don't have exactly the details that Facebook can understand and find in its user databases, such as telephone number and email address, it will not work effectively.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the most popular social networks for professionals to connect with others. One has a younger audience, while the other one is more established in the business world. However, there isn't a clear winner between these platforms - it all comes down to what you want your B2B marketing strategy to accomplish and which network best fits those goals.

If you have any questions about how we can help you to make sure that your company will reach your B2B Marketing goals, all you have to do is to book a FREE consultation today! We'll be happy to sit down with you and figure out an approach that will work best for your needs.